"Life seldom unfolds in a linear manner and mine as the founder of Beej, has several threads that curve, zig zag, and cross over serendipitously. Beej was born at one such intersection in my story."

I have had a corporate career for nearly two decades now. In the past few months however, my yearning to do more had been growing stronger and so was the desire to find more purpose. Add to this mix, my family owns a leather exports business and when my father announced his intentions to retire at the young age of seventy-five, it only seemed natural that I would take over.

In another unrelated strand, over the past few years, I’ve found myself moving away from fast fashion and considering the impact of my choices as a consumer. I started bringing about small shifts in how my family and I live our daily lives - our humble but honest attempts to help build a greener planet.

Things came to a head on a trip to Europe, where we were at the receiving end of a torrid heat wave. The writing on the wall could not be clearer; every little action, including yours and mine, counts. I came back and started reading and researching on how we could transition to a more conscious lifestyle. The more I read, the stronger my belief became, that sustainability must be at the center of the way we do business.

My father’s artisans, many of whom I’ve known for twenty years, had the skills and the know-how to make beautiful fashion accessories. Together we conceptualized and piloted a line of accessories and bags that were made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials. And thus was born Beej. We work with materials that are sustainable in different forms. While some have been upcycled, others are newer material innovations that help us create wonderful green products. Do go through our materials section for more details.

At Beej, you can either choose from our standard range of accessories or have us custom design a product that tells your story. Either way, if you are mindful of your buying choices and their impact, and are looking for fashionable yet sustainable accessories, we are listening, we are crafting, and we are here to make our little corner of this Earth greener.